How to Play YouTube Music on MP3 Player

Wanna download and play YouTube Music on MP3 Player? Get a powerful YouTube Music Downloaded here and learn how to download songs from YouTube Music to MP3 for playback on your MP3 player.

Q1: "Does MP3 player supports YouTube Music? How do I download YouTube Music to MP3 Player? I have an old iPod Nano 5th. It seems I need to convert YouTube Music to MP3 files first, any suggestion?"

Q2: "Can I play YouTube Music on Sony Walkman MP3 player? I joined the YouTube Premium plan. Is it possible to transfer downloaded YouTube Music files to an MP3 player?"

Most people prefer to listen to music on MP3 player while exercising. MP3 player is a portable digital music player with small size and light. If you already have a large collection of MP3 audio files on your local computer, copying them to your portable MP3 player is a snap. However, with the rise of streaming music services, you can easily access millions of songs online with a valid account, but cannot move them to your MP3 players. Fortunately, for those who want to download YouTube Music to MP3 Player, here is a complete guide on how to play YouTube Music on MP3 player. Come with us!

Can You Download YouTube Music to MP3 Player Directly?

As one of the most popular online video sharing and social media platform, YouTube offers billions of video clips and music songs. With a YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium, you can download songs from YouTube Music for offline listening. Can you download music from YouTube Music to MP3 player? The answer is negative. Most basic MP3 players don't offer streaming apps, and they don't have Wi-Fi. Therefore, you cannot download songs from YouTube to an MP3 player for playback.

Furthermore, you are unable to transfer them to your MP3 player through our computer with a USB cable. All your downloaded YouTube Music files are copyrighted. They are not stored locally, but cache files. To transfer YouTube Music to MP3 player or other portable devices, you need to download or convert YouTube Music to MP3 files. Here 4kFinder YouTube Music Downloader comes in handy. Keep reading and you will know how to play YouTube Music on your MP3 player.

Best YouTube Music Downloader: Download YouTube Music to MP3

4kFinder Downloader is an all-in-on YouTube Music Downloader, YouTube Video Downloader, Online Video Downloader. It not only lets you download songs from YouTube Music to MP3, but also allows you to download music videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook and more than 1000+ sites to MP3/MP4 with high quality. Apart from this, it supports download HD 1080p, 4K, or even 8K videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc. This tool has the capability to download YouTube music and videos in batches.

By using this great YouTube to MP3 downloader, you can easily save songs from YouTube Music to local computer, and move YouTube Music songs to any MP3 player for playing, such as Sony Walkman, SanDisk, iRiver, Zune, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, PSP, Activo CT10, FiiO M11/M15, etc.

Highlights of YouTube Music Downloader:

  • Supports more than 1000 streaming website.
  • Download songs from YouTube Music to MP3.
  • Works with YouTube Free & Premium account.
  • Download YouTube videos to MP4 in HD 1080p.
  • Supports 320kbps, HD 1080p, 2K, 4K, 8K, etc.
  • 6X speed, batch download, multitasking download.
  • Support MP3, MP4, WEBM, MOV formats.
  • Transfer YouTube music to any device/player.
  • Listen to YouTube Music on MP3 Player, iPods, etc.

Guide: How to Play YouTube Music on MP3 Player?

Here's the complete guide on how to play YouTube Music on MP3 player. First, you need to download YouTube Music files to MP3, and then copy them to your MP3 player.

Step 1. Launch 4kFinder YouTube Music Downloader
Click the Download above, download and install 4kFinder YouTube Music Downloader on your Windows or Mac. When you launch the program, you will see its simple and clean interface.

launch youtube music downloader

Step 2. Copy & Paste YouTube Music Song URL
Go to YouTube Music web on the browser. Search the song you want to download, and copy the song URL by clicking "Share" button.

copy YouTube Music link

Return to 4kFinder program, paste the song URL in the Search Bar and tap "Analyze" button to let the tool analyze the link.

paste youtube music link

Tips: Currently, 4kFinder doesn't support downloading an entire YouTube Music playlist, but it can download songs from YouTube Music playlist. If you paste a URL of YouTube Music playlist, then you need to select a song at once.

select song from youtube music playlist

Step 3. Select MP3 Format for YouTube Music
In the pop-up window, you can set the output format, output quality and resolution as you like. Here you may select audio formats - MP3, and 320kbps bitrate. Then click the Download button.

select mp3 as output format

Step 4. Download YouTube Music to MP3
4kFinder works at up to 6X faster speed when download songs from YouTube Music. During the process, you can continue add more music link to the search bar.

download YouTube music playlist to computer

Once done, you can go to "Finished" section, click "Open Folder" to get well-downloaded YouTube songs.

view downloaded youtube songs

Step 5. Transfer Downloaded YouTube Music to MP3 Player
Now, all you need to do is to transfer the downloaded YouTube songs to your MP3 player. You can copy these YouTube songs to MP3 player via USB, or use Windows Media Player.

transfer youtube music to mp3 player

For iPod device, please import YouTube music files to iTunes library first, then sync them to your iPod.

sync youtube music to ipod

Great, you can start to listen to YouTube Music on MP3 player!

Play YouTube Music on MP3 Player