How to Download 8K YouTube Videos on PC/Mac

Want to download YouTube 8K videos for viewing offline? This guide shows you the most reliable ways to download 8k videos from YouTube to Windows/Mac.

If you want to download 8K videos from YouTube, you first need to understand what 8K video is. In this era of advanced technology, video quality has made a qualitative leap. From the previous 360p, 720p to today's 4K, 8K ultra-high-definition video, our visual experience is getting better and better. 8K refers to an image or video with a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels, also known as 4320P. 8K is currently the highest resolution, it makes the video clearer and more realistic. Since the release of the first 8K video Ghost Town, more and more 8K UHD resolution videos have appeared on the YouTube platform.

download 8k video from youtube

Watching 8K videos online requires a fast and stable Internet connection. Otherwise, the video may often be buffered or stuck. To watch 8K videos smoothly, using an 8K downloader to download 8K videos from YouTube to your computer is the perfect solution. Here we are about to introduce a user-friendly 8K video downloader to help you download 8K YouTube videos and save them to your computer for offline playback.

Best 8K Video Downloader for PC/Mac - 4kFinder YouTube Video Downloader

YouTube Video Downloader provided by 4kFinder is a reliable 8K video downloader that can download 8K videos from YouTube to MP4 and retain the original image quality. In addition to YouTube, it also supports downloading 8K videos from multiple sources, such as Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, etc. With up to 6x faster speed, you are allowed to batch download YouTube 8k, 4k, 1080p, 720p videos in MP4 format and extract YouTube audio to MP3 at 320kbps.

Main Features:

  • Offers a lot of flexibility you can choose from a range of resolutions and formats.
  • Download 8k videos from YouTube to MP4 without losing quality.
  • Download YouTube playlists, channels, and all videos in 8K, 4K, 1080P, 720P, etc.
  • 6x times faster than other downloaders.
  • Download YouTube videos to MP3 in 320kbps.
  • Available for Windows PC and Mac Computers.

Let’s see how you can use 4kFinder YouTube Video Downloader to download multiple 8K videos from YouTube at once. There are just a few easy steps.

A Step-by-step Guide to Download 8K Videos from YouTube on PC/Mac

Step 1. Install YouTube Video Downloader
Download & install 4kFinder's YouTube Video Downloader on your Windows or Mac computer. It currently supports downloading high-definition video and audio from more than 1,000 online websites.

Copy and Paste YouTube Playlist Link

Step 2. Copy and Paste the URL
Head to YouTube and search for the 8K video you'd like to download. Copy the video URL and paste it into your downloader. Next, click on "Analyze" to let the tool analyze the link. The analysis process is very fast, and you quickly move to the next step.

copy and paste video link

Step 3. Target Your Output Format and Resolution
After analyzing, a video resolution interface will pop up. To get your 8K high quality video, select 8K(7680×4320) MP4 for downloading. By the way, if you only want to extract audio from YouTube music playlist, you can select 320kbps MP3 to keep CD quality of the music.

select output format

Step 4. Start Downloading 8K Video
Finally, tap on "Download" button after selecting your output format. And you will see a downloading process bar, it means that the tool starts downloading 8K videos from YouTube right now.

download 8k video from youtube