Can’t watch blocked or age restricted YouTube video? This article will cover 5 ways on how to download age restricted YouTube videos on PC or Mac without signing in YouTube premium account. Afterward, you’ll be able to watch any YouTube video offline on your own device anytime.

Can I download an age restricted video on YouTube?

How can I download an age-restricted YouTube video to my computer?

You may want to download age-restricted YouTube videos to watch offline. The 100% working way to download age restricted YouTube video is to use a YouTube Video Downloader. Get this powerful tool right now and start your download!

As we all know, only YouTube Premium can download YouTube videos. But sometimes, when you download an age-restricted video on YouTube, you may receive messages like “Analysis Failed”, “Failed to obtain video info”. Some YouTube videos are age-restricted or blocked when they involve violence, nudity, etc. Disappointed? Why cant’ download the age restricted YouTube video? How to download age restricted YouTube videos on PC or Mac without signing in?

download age restricted youtube videos

In the last article, we discussed all the ways to download YouTube blocked videos. Today we will explore how to download age-restricted YouTube videos to computer without limits. No matter you are YouTube free users or premium, you can download YouTube age-restricted videos without signing in an account! After that, you are able to watch any age restricted YouTube video on your own device!

Something You Need to Know about Age Restricted YouTube Videos:

When certain YouTube videos involve violence, nudity, etc., they will be age-restricted or blocked. YouTube is concerned that viewers are too young to make wise choices. Therefore, if the video is age-restricted, users can only watch or download it after they are logged in with their Google account and are over 18 years old. In order to download any age-restricted YouTube videos without signing in account, you can ask a professional YouTube Video Downloader for help!

Part 1. Best Way to Download Age-restricted YouTube Videos 👍

Powerful Age-restricted YouTube Video Downloader for PC and Mac

When it comes to downloading age-restricted videos from YouTube, 4kFinder YouTube Downloader is highly recommended. This powerful YouTube video downloader supports to download any videos from YouTube, including age-restricted videos, blocked videos and private videos. With using it, you can easily download YouTube videos with age restriction to your computer without signing in premium account. You can choose MP4 video format or MP3 audio format as the output format. After which, you can easily watch age-restricted YouTube video on your iPhone, desktop, Apple TV, HD TV, PSP, Android and more device without Internet connection.

Besides, 4kFinder YouTube Downloader is an all-in-one video/audio downloader. It also lets you download online videos and audios from 1000+ websites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vevo, Dailymotion, Veoh, etc. With 4kFinder, everything seems so easy.

Highlights of 4kFinder YouTube Downloader:

  • Download age-restricted and blocked videos from YouTube.
  • Download age restricted YouTube videos without signing in.
  • Download videos, playlist, channels from YouTube without premium.
  • Download YouTube videos into MP4 or MP3 format with high quality.
  • Download online videos from Facebook, Vimeo and 1000+ video sharing sites.
  • Supports to download online 3D, 36O VR, HD, 2K, 4K, 8K quality videos.
  • Batch download, 6X download speed, works perfectly on Windows and macOS.
  • Watch YouTube age-restricted and blocked videos on any device anytime.

How to Download Age Restricted YouTube Videos with 4kFinder?

Step 1. Download and Install 4kFinder YouTube Downloader
Free download 4kFinder YouTube Downloader on your Windows or Mac computer. Install and launch it. You will see a simple interface.

Step 2. Add the Restricted YouTube Video Link to 4kFinder
Go to YouTube, find the age-restricted video you want to download. Copy the video link in the address bar.

copy video link

Turn to the software, paste the video URL to the bar, and tab “Analyze” to start analyzing the video.

paste youtube video link

Step 3. Select Output Format for YouTube Age-Restricted Video
It will pop up a small window and display the video format, resolution, bitrate. Here you can select MP4 and HD format for the video.

select format

Step 4. Download Age Restricted YouTube Video as MP4
Just press on the “Download” button to get MP4 restricted videos from YouTube. After that, the restricted YouTube videos will be saved on your hard drive forever.

download youtube video to computer

After some minutes, you will get all output videos files clicking “Open Folder” icon.

find downloaded youtube videos

With the help of 4kFinder YouTube Downloader, you can easily download YouTube age-restricted videos to your computer and save age restricted YouTube videos as MP4 files. So that you can watch them on any device without internet connection!

Part 2. Record and Save YouTube Age-Restricted Videos

You may also download age-restricted YouTube videos or save the YouTube age-restricted videos using a screen recorder. Here you meet UkeySoft Screen Recorder. It is can all-in-one screen recorder, audio recorder, as well as video editor. With it, users can easily record any video playing on computer, including YouTube age-restricted videos, Twitter sex videos, online porn videos, etc.

How to Record YouTube Age-Restricted Videos?

Step 1. Open UkeySoft Screen Recorder
Install and launch this YouTube Video Recorder – UkeySoft Screen Recorder. To grab YouTube age-restricted video on Mac, you could select “Full Screen” or “Custom Area” or “App Window”.

YouTube age-restricted video recorder

For Windows users, please choose “Screen Recorder” mode.

record age-restricted YouTube video

Step 2. Choose HD Quality
To get a YouTube age-restricted video with high quality, please choose HD Quality under the Resolution icon. Turn on “System Audio” under the Sound icon.

select sound

Step 3. Set MP4 Format
Tap on the Gear icon, in the pop-up settings window, tap “General” tab, and select .mp4 format.

select mp4 format

Step 4. Record Age-restricted Video
Open an age-restricted video on YouTube website, and press on “REC” button to start the recording.

record YouTube age-restricted video

Part 3. Download YouTube Age-Restricted Videos Online

There are several online YouTube downloaders that allows you to download YouTube age-restricted video for free. It is quite easy. Open an online YouTube downloader service, paste the age-restricted video URL to it, select video quality before final download. But this method is not 100% working.

download YouTube age-restricted video online

But this method is not 100% work. Also, you can’t ignore its annoying ad pages and low output quality.

Part 4. Other Ways to Download Age Restricted YouTube Videos

Well, there are also others ways to download and save age restricted YouTube videos, you can try to turn off age restriction on YouTube, or disable the Safety Mode on YouTube. Check it out!

Way 1. Add or Update Your Date of Birth

YouTube’s age-restricted videos only allow adults over 18 to watch. Therefore, you can try to add or update your date of birth on Google Plus profile.

Step 1. Go to the Google Plus website, log in to your Google account. Tap on the “Home” tab at the top of the page, and tap on the “Profile” tab in the left side.

Step 2. Click the “About” tab and view the information about your profile. In the “Gender, birthday, and more” option, please update your birthday date.

Step 3. Finally, press on the “Save” button.

Now you are able to watch the age restriction videos on YouTube without restriction. If you are YouTube Premium, then you can even download the age-restricted YouTube videos to your mobile device for offline watching.

Way 2. Turn Off Safety Mode on YouTube

Sometimes, Safe Mode restricts you from downloading age-restricted YouTube videos. Therefore, you can try to turn off the Safety Mode on YouTube. Here are the simple steps.

Step 1. Go to YouTube’s homepage, click on your profile icon at the top of the screen.

Step 2. Go to the bottom of the drop-down menu. Find the “Restricted Mode: On” section, and then switch to the “Restricted Mode: Off” option.

Step 3. If the safe mode is locked, please follow the prompts for authentication. Then hit on “Save” to ensure that Safety Mode is disabled.

disable safety mode on youtube

Similarly, only YouTube members can enjoy the function of downloading videos including those that are age restricted.

Extra Tips: How to Play the Downloaded Age-restricted Videos?

After downloading YouTube age-restricted videos, they will be saved as local MP4 files. This means you really own these video files. It is possible and easy to play these downloaded videos without the YouTube app.

For Mac users, you can play these downloaded age-restricted videos offline using the built-in QuickTime Player, while Windows users can use the Windows Media Player.

play age-restricted videos

Also, there are some free media player for Mac and Windows computer, such as VLC Media Player, Cisdem Video Player, Elmedia Player, PowerDVD, KMPlayer, etc.

The Benefits of 4kFinder YouTube Downloader:

4kFinder YouTube Downloader is an amazing tool that allows you to download age-restricted YouTube videos without needing to sign up to YouTube and/or otherwise verify your age. Here are some benefits of 4kFinder YouTube Downloader for age-restricted content downloading:

  • Free. Download any video from YouTube to PC/Mac without Premium.
  • High Quality. Lets you download YouTube videos at 48 fps, 60-fps, in HD 1080P, 720P, 4K and even 8K.
  • Fast. Allows to batch download YouTube age-restricted videos.
  • Extract audio. Download and extra MP3 320kbps audios from YouTube music videos.
  • Comprehensive. In some cases, you can even download sex videos from porn sites, such as Twitter, PornHub, Tube8, Spankbang, etc.

Final Words

To download any YouTube video, including age-restricted videos, blocked videos and privacy videos, 4kFinder YouTube Downloader is the best choice. It not only allows you to download any videos from YouTube and other hot sites, but also lets you save YouTube videos in popular formats for your devices and players. By using this tool, you can easily watch age-restricted YouTube videos on your device even if you are offline.

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