3 Ways to Enjoy YouTube Music on Computer

Do you want to know how to listen to YouTube Music on computer? Looking for a way to download YouTube Music to computer? In this post, we will teach you 3 feasible ways to enjoy YouTube Music on Computer.

"Is there any way to download YouTube Music on my desktop computer? So I can move the music files to my other devices for offline playback. Any advice will be appreciated."

YouTube is the largest music and video sharing website around the world right now, people visit YouTube to listen, watch and share free music videos which are posted by others. With over 60 million songs, YouTube Music should be your best choice for streaming music service. Once you are subscribed to YouTube Music Premium, you can download your favourite songs and music videos for offline playback, it can be done only with the YouTube Music app and the app is only available on iOS and Android devices. You are not able to download YouTube Music directly to your Windows and Mac computer yet.

Is there a computer app for YouTube Music? Unfortunately, YouTube Music app is not available for either Mac for Windows PC yet, you could use a web browser to visit the YouTube Music official website. So is there any way to listen to YouTube Music on desktop computer? Absolutely yes, in the following parts, we will get you on 3 different ways to enjoy YouTube Music on desktop computer, to download YouTube Music desktop shortcut, use unofficial YouTube Music desktop app or 4kFinder YouTube Music Downloader.

Method 1. Download YouTube Music Desktop Shortcut

If you use Google Chrome to browse websites, you can install YouTube Music as a desktop shortcut, it's also called PWA, which is short for progressive web app. It's still a website page, but you can get to YouTube Music directly without starting Chrome and logging in again to enjoy YouTube Music. So now we will teach how to download the YouTube Music desktop shortcut.

Step 1. Open Google Chrome browser, then go to the YouTube Music website.

Step 2. Click the three-dot icon at the top right of your browser.

Step 3. Click the "Install YouTube Music..." option to download the YouTube Music shortcut.

Now, you can click the shortcut to open YouTube Music in a separate new window.

Tips: You can also use Microsoft Edge or other browsers to install the YouTube Music desktop shortcut, as long as it supports PWA installation.

youtube music shortcut

Method 2. Use Unofficial YouTube Music Desktop App

There is another way to enjoy YouTube Music on desktop computer is to use unofficial YouTube Music desktop app, it is created by Github. This app is simply built with the YouTube Music web player, which is providing an alternative way to access YouTube Music service on desktop and it does a great job. Let's see how to use this unofficial app to enjoy YouTube Music.

Step 1. Go to the website https://ytmdesktop.app/ and download the YouTube Music Desktop app, this app is available on Windows, macOS and Linux computer, choose the operating system for your computer.

Step 2. Once you have finished downloading the app, launch it and log into your YouTube Music account, then you are able to enjoy YouTube Music on computer easily.

This YouTube Music desktop is free to use, it has every functions including controlling your music, playing music in background, get lyrics, etc. But it still doesn't have the download option, it's not possible to play YouTube Music offline.

youtube music desktop app

Method 3. Download YouTube Music to Computer Locally

From the two methods that we mentioned above, you can access YouTube Music on computer online, but you still can't download YouTube Music to computer for offline playback. If you are subscribed to YouTube Music Premium, you can download YouTube Music to mobile devices for offline listening, but due DRM protected from YouTube Music, the songs you have downloaded are not able to be copied or transferred to computer or other devices for personal use. You can only listen to the downloaded YouTube Music songs on your mobile phone.

If you want to download YouTube Music to computer locally for offline playback, you will need a YouTube Music downloader to do the job. 4kFinder YouTube Music Downloader is a desktop computer app which is able to decode YouTube Music, and easily download YouTube Music to MP3 on computer locally without losing any sound quality in up to 320kbps. By just simply copying and pasting the URL links from YouTube Music to 4kFinder, you can get your favourite YouTube Music songs in MP3, so that you can transfer the MP3 YouTube Music files to other unauthorized devices for offline playback without restrictions, devices like iPhone, iPod devices, Sony Walkman, Astel & Kern, SanDisk MP3 player, Android tablet, PSP, Smart Watch, Smart TVs and more. In addition, 4kFinder can not only download music from YouTube, but also allows you to download music and videos from up to 1000 popular websites, like Twitter, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc. Now let's get to know more about the features of this useful tool and learn how to use it.

Great Features of 4kFinder YouTube Music Downloader

  • Download YouTube Music to computer locally with 1 click.
  • Download music, playlist, videos, podcasts from YouTube for free.
  • Decode songs from YouTube Music.
  • Download YouTube Music to MP3 in 320kbps without any quality loss.
  • Download YouTube videos up to 8K resolution in MP4 format.
  • Extract MP3 audios from YouTube videos.
  • Download YouTube Music from 1000+ popular websites.
  • Enjoy YouTube music on desktop computer or other devices such as MP3 players, Sony Walkman, iPod nano, etc.

Guide: How to Download YouTube Music to Computer

Next we will show the guide of how to download YouTube Music to computer with 4kFinder. Before getting started, you need to download and install the latest version of the program and install it to your computer, 4kFinder is available on both Windows and Mac, once installed, please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Copy and Paste URL to Download YouTube Music
Go to music.youtube.com on your browser and search for the music that you wish to download. Copy the URL link in the address bar. Then get back to 4kFinder, paste the URL link into 4kFinder, and click "Analyze" to let 4kFinder load your YouTube Music.

paste video link

Step 2. Select MP3 Format and Bitrate for Output Files
It will pop up a window for you to choose Bitrate for your MP3 output file. There are different Bitrate that you can choose from. The higher Bitrate you choose, the bigger size output file you get. If you have high requirement for audio quality, MP3 in 320kbps is recommended.

seletct output file

Step 3. Start downloading YouTube Music to MP3
After you have selected the output format and output quality, next is simply press on "Download" button to start downloading and save YouTube Music as MP3 files to your computer at 5X conversion speed without quality loss.

start download mp3

Step 4. View all the downloaded MP3 files
when the download is finished, go to the "Finished" section to view all the downloaded YouTube Music.

view downloaded file

Step 5. Get MP3 files
Click 'Open Folder' to Open the download folder to get MP3 files.

get mp3 files

Now you have your favourite YouTube Music in MP3 on your computer, you can enjoy YouTube Music on other media player or other devices without restrictions.


As we know, YouTube Music is only available by using web browser on desktop computer, it does not have an official YouTube Music desktop app yet. If you would like to enjoy YouTube Music on desktop computer without opening a browser, you can try the 3 methods respectively on creating the YouTube Music shortcut, on unofficial YouTube Music desktop app, or using 4kFinder YouTube Music downloader. It's highly recommended using 4kFinder, because it allows you to download YouTube Music in MP3 and save them permanently on your computer, then you can enjoy YouTube Music on other media players or devices offline freely.

Enjoy YouTube Music on Computer