4kFinder Review: Best Netflix Downloader on PC/Mac for Offline Viewing

Read this review of the best Netflix Video Downloader, you can know everything about the best Netflix Downloader on PC/Mac, then using it to download Netflix videos for offline viewing.

Our life is full of fun with various videos, you might find different kinds of videos taken over your phone screen. With the rapid development of the Internet, there are more and more hot video streaming platforms released. Netflix is one of these platforms, it provide with a large number of videos library for subscribing. You can stream various movies, TV shows from Netflix online. However, there are not always have the well Internet connection around you. Or someone will wonder if there is a way to watch Netflix videos for offline. In these situations, you need a video downloader for help. After texting, among so many video downloaders in market, Netflix Video Downloader is the best one. We are going to show the main functions of this best Netflix downloader, make you know most aspects about this tool.

Why You Need a Netflix Video Downloader tool?

1.You can’t download Netflix videos on computer directly.
Netflix app only available in Windows 8/10 system, you can download videos on Windows 8/10 computer under official subscription. The downloaded videos just be saved as NFV files, they are copyright protected, avoiding anyone copying or sharing the videos without accessing Netflix, besides, the downloaded videos files will be grayed once the subscription expires.

2.You can’t keep Netflix videos forever after downloading.
The videos you downloaded within official Netflix app will be gone once canceling the subscription. It means that you are not truly own the purchased videos. If you want to enjoy your downloaded movies and TV shows forever, the right way you can employ for the purpose is to get the help of Netflix video downloader.

3.You can’t play Netflix videos on any devices as you like.
Netflix allow users to download movies and TV shows via its app for iOS, Android and PC for offline viewing. Also for DRM Netflix files protecting, you have no right to access or watch Netflix videos on some devices without authorizing, like MP3 player, PSP, Xbox or other media players.

You may find several similar video downloaders for Netflix, but small number of them are reliable. We have concluded the best one for your needs in how to downloaded Netflix on PC/Mac for offline viewing with ease. Please focus on the follow passages.

Download Netflix Videos on PC/Mac for Offline Viewing

As the best videos downloader for Netflix, 4kFinder - Netflix Video Downloader stands out among so many videos downloaders. It is well designed for removing DRM from Netflix videos, downloading Netflix movies/TV shows to MP4/MKV formats with full HD 1080p quality. Except Netflix, support for downloading videos from more than 1000+ media sites: YouTube, Vimeo, etc,. After finishing the download, you can keep Netflix videos forever, offline viewing Netflix videos on any devices without limits. This tool provide with batch download function and fast download speed, which will give you a good videos download experience.

Main Functions of Netflix Video Downloader

Download Netflix Movies/TV Shows to Computer
With the help of Netflix Video Downloader, you can download movies, documentaries, kids' shows, stand-up comedy specials, anime, and international programming to Mac/Windows computer for offline viewing without accessing Netflix.

Download Netflix Videos to MP4/MKV Format
Netflix Video Downloader allow to download Netflix videos to several general output formats, like MP4, MKV, MP3, MOV, etc,. In this way, you can get output Netflix videos in MP4/MKV formats. Besides, these output formats are widely used in life, then you can easily use these downloaded videos files for more personal usages.

Output Netflix Videos with 4K Audio Quality
By using the advanced technology, Netflix Video Downloader support to download Netflix videos with 4K HD audio quality. You are allowed to set the output video quality from low quality (144p) to high definition (HD-720p or 1080p) or even 4K 2060p.

Offline Viewing Netflix Videos on Any Devices
After downloading Netflix videos with Netflix Video Downloader, you can enjoy Netflix movies and TV shows on any device and tablet, such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets, PSP, Xbox, HD TV, Apple TV, Kindle devices, Amazon Fire TV, etc,. Play Netflix videos without Netflix app, including iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, QuickTime Player, Kodi, Plex, etc,.

Keep Multiple Audio Tracks and Subtitles
Most of Netflix videos contain with multiple audio tracks and subtitles, Netflix Video Downloader support to download Netflix movies and TV shows with its multiple audio tracks and subtitles, including AD and 5.1 surround sound tracks, keeping the original viewing experience on videos.

Batch Download Function and 6X Download Speed
Contain with the complete function of being a video download tool, Netflix Video Downloader is capable to download videos from Netflix up to 6X download speed. Easy steps to download, just copy and paste the video URL, then you will get output files in minutes for batch download.

How to Download Netflix Videos for Offline Viewing

Step 1. Run Netflix Video Downloader on Computer
To begin with, download, install and run Netflix Video Downloader on Windows/Mac computer.

copy netflix video url

Step 2. Copy the Netflix Videos for Download
Copy the Netflix video you want to download and paste the video URL in tool one by one. Then click "Analyze" option. The tool will get the every result of the URL.

paste netflix video url

Step 3. Set the Format/Quality for Output Video
In step 3 you can set the format or quality for output video. MP4 is the advice output video format, since it is the most widely used format for saving video.

select output format

Also, the default output folder of download videos can be changed manually.

Step 4. Download Netflix Videos on PC/Mac for Offline Viewing
Lastly, select all the videos you need for a batch download, then click “Download” button to begin to download Netflix videos on Windows/Mac computer.

download netflix videos to mp4

Finally, you will get local Netflix videos files and be saved on the computer, you can offline view these output videos on any devices as you like, even without Netflix subscription.

check downloaded Netflix video on computer

Final words

4kFinder - Netflix Video Downloader allow you to download Netflix movies and TV shows to computer as local files, with bath download function and 6X fast download speed. Just simply copy and paste, you can get the downloaded videos with 4K HD quality, preserve with multiple audio tracks and subtitles. It is the best Netflix Downloader on PC/Mac for offline viewing Netflix videos. In this way, you can offline playing MP4/MKV Netflix videos on any devices, even after the subscription expired. Using Netflix Video Downloader to download Netflix videos, you will get a good videos download experience and get the better videos viewing experience. Why not download it to have a try?

Best Netflix Downloader for Offline Viewing